MSEd Degree Plan: Elementary Principal

The Master of Science in Education, Educational Administration Elementary program requires 36 hours. For full certification, you must have a valid elementary teaching certificate, depending on your emphasis area, and also two years of teaching experience in elementary education.

Becoming an elementary school principal

If you choose to complete the elementary education option, you should acquire the necessary competencies to gain initial certification to serve as an elementary principal in Missouri schools. A research component will be required, and the degree emphasis is on the practical aspects of elementary principalship. The degree requirements can be completed in four nine-hour semesters. The following is a sample schedule; however, your actual schedule may vary.

Check out the educational administration course rotation before scheduling your classes.

First semester (fall)

Total hours8
EAD 751 Foundations of Educational Leadership 3
EAD 772 Internship-Onsite-Part 1 1
EAD 783 Internship-Related Agencies 1
EAD 784 Multicultural Issues Involving Human Relations and Collaborative Processes 3

Second semester (spring)

Total hours7
EAD 782 Internship-Onsite-Part 2 1
EAD 786 School Supervision and Performance Enhancement 3
EAD 780 Administration of Instructional Programs 3

Third semester (fall)

Total hours6
EAD 785 Legal and Ethical Contexts of Schooling 3
EAD 745 Curriculum for Elementary Principals 3

Fourth semester (spring)

Total hours6
EAD 781 Organizational Management 3
EAD 788 Action Research in Educational Leadership 3

Fifth semester

Total hours9
EAD 753 The Elementary School Principal 3
EAD 759 Leadership Capstone 3
EAD 787 Administration of Special Programs 3

The internship experience is an integral part of this major and should be planned for, with the advisor, in advance of the semester in which the student desires to register for the experience.

Applications are available from the CLSE Department are online and should be returned to the department upon completion.