Program Requirements

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Successful completion of the specialist in educational leadership requires the following:

Degree requirements

  1. Satisfactory completion of a minimum of 61-64 approved graduate hours with a minimum overall GPA of 3.00.
  2. No more than 12 semester hours of 600-level course work may be applied to the degree program.
  3. A minimum of two years supervisory and/or teaching experience.
  4. Research. A minimum of three semester hours field study assignment.
  5. Comprehensive Examination. A period of time will be scheduled for a comprehensive exam for all students who have not previously passed a comprehensive examination in educational administration at Missouri State University.  In addition, students will be required to present an acceptable oral review of their field study.
  6. Transfer Credit. A maximum of 12 semester hours of graduate credit beyond the master's degree or a total of 48 hours may be accepted toward the 61-64 hours required for the Specialist in Education Degree.  All transfer credit must be "A" or "B" grade status from a regionally accredited college or university and must be approved by the program coordinator.
  7. The last 32 hours of course work for the degree must be completed within a period of 8 years.  Any credit more than 10 years old may be appealed to the Graduate College.