Education Technology Graduate Program

Combine the hands-on and minds-on approach to learning

The education technology graduate program is designed to accommodate professionals who have common interests in the field of technology pertaining to instructional and training strategies. Our field includes print, projected, audio visual, video, computers and peripherals.

Degree options

Careers and Outcomes

Consider the options for lifetime success. A graduate degree in educational technology prepares you for careers in education, administration and technical support.

Why pursue graduate studies in educational technology at Missouri State?

Our program is a great fit for you if you are:

  • An instructional technologist interested in becoming a building-level technology specialist or system-wide technology coordinator
  • A classroom teacher who wishes to improve your teaching skills with instructional design and technology
  • A professional who works in higher education, medical or fields other than certificated K-12 school positions
  • A non-certificated professional who may come from higher education, medical or professional fields other than K-12 schools