Study Away - Costa Rica

Study Away

The elementary teacher education program encourages its students to take advantage of Missouri State University’s Study Away programs as a way to understand what it is like to live, work and play with children and families from another culture and language. These are opportunities of a lifetime that will increase your knowledge, hone your skills and change your perspective on working with English Language learners in your classroom.

Course Name: Intensive Language and Cultural Experience for Educators: Walking in the Shoes of Your English Language Learners and All Struggling Learners

Intensive cultural immersion experience for K-12 teacher candidates, teachers and those in related fields

Course Number: EEM 597/607

Credit Hours: 4 undergraduate/graduate

Course Highlights: Costa Rica scenery

This course provides teacher education candidates with an opportunity for intensive immersion in the Spanish language and Costa Rican culture through a firsthand immersion experience including home stays, observation and teaching in elementary schools and service learning projects, as well as experiencing the splendor of Costa Rican natural and historic sites and interaction with a wide variety of Costa Ricans.

Costa Rica Waterfall

They are designed to prepare students to be educated persons who can more effectively work with the increasing number of school children (about 8.7% of US school children) for whom English is not their first language (ELLs). These inquiry-based courses will actively engage students in their own learning through a variety of introspection and reflection activities grounded in the Spanish language and cultural learning immersion experiences. To affect these goals, students will explore the Latino culture inside and outside of the classroom.