Elementary Mathematics Specialist Certificate

Program description

The Graduate Certificate in Elementary Mathematics Specialist provides a 16 hour graduate-level experience for educators, specifically early, elementary, or middle school teachers or curriculum directors.  The Graduate Certificate in Elementary Mathematics Specialist is designed for practicing teachers (with at least 1 year of experience teaching elementary or middle school).  This track is part of a statewide Mathematics specialist certification in collaboration with other Missouri Universities and culminates with a certification as an elementary mathematics specialist through the state of Missouri.  Elementary Mathematics Specialist (EMS) professionals can serve students and schools in a variety of ways including as classroom teachers, lead or mentor teachers, and school or district-based mathematics specialists.

Entrance criteria

To be considered for the program, elementary or middle school teachers must be currently teaching with at least 1 year of classroom experience, strong interest in enhancing mathematics content and pedagogical preparation, and commitment to completing the requirements of the program in a 2-year period as part of a graduate cohort.

Students who do not meet the normal admission requirement, but who show an indication of high promise, will be considered for probationary admission.  Probationary conditions will be defined by the Certificate Advisor in collaboration with the Math Department.  Admission to the certificate program does not constitute admission to any other Missouri State University graduate program.

Required courses - 16 hours

Course CodeCourse TitleCredit Hours
ELE 734 Internship in Algebraic Reasoning 1 hr
ELE 736 Foundations of Mathematical Leadership for EMS 2 hrs
ELE 737 Math Leadership for Elem Math Specialists (EMS):  Influencing & Facilitating Improvements 3 hrs
ELE 738 Internship in Geometry and Measurement 1 hr
MTH 754 Algebraic Reasoning for EMS 3 hrs
MTH 758 Data and Probability for EMS 3 hrs
MTH 760 Geometry and Measurement for EMS 3 hrs


Prerequisite Courses

ELE 730, ELE 732, MTH 750 and MTH 752

Completion Requirements

Courses must be completed with a 3.00 GPA for successful completion of certificate.