Program Requirements

For successful completion of the literacy program, you must pass a comprehensive examination. A description of the content and format of this examination is available from the advisor of the graduate literacy program.

Required courses 

Course CodeCourse TitleCredit Hours
RDG 640 Analysis and Correction of Difficulties in Literacy 3 hrs

RDG 660 


RDG 665

Diversity Issues in Literacy and Content Area Instruction


Cultural Diversity in Literacy & Instruction:  Classrooms & Community

3 hrs
RDG 680  Successful Classroom Communities to Enhance Student Learning 3 hrs
RDG 685  Techniques of Responsive Support in the Literacy Classroom 3 hrs
RDG 700 Relationship of Language to Literacy and Intellectual Development     3 hrs
RDG 710 Content Area Literacy 3 hrs
RDG 740 Issues and Trends in Literacy Education 3 hrs
RDG 770 Curriculum Design in Literacy 3 hrs
RDG 780 Assessment Procedures for the Literacy Specialist  3 hrs
RDG 781 Assessment of Literacy Problems 3 hrs
RDG 782 Remediation of Literacy Problems 3 hrs
SFR 780 Educational Research Methodology 3 hrs
RDG 795* Research Seminar in Literacy 3 hrs
  Total 39 hrs

*  This requirement waived if candidate elects Research Option 1, a thesis.

Research  (3-6 hours)

Option I:   Completion of a satisfactory thesis, RDG 799, in the candidate's discipline.  This credit shall be no more than 6 hours of the minimum 39 required for the degree.

Option II: Completion of one research seminar, RDG 795, which shall require an extensive paper.

Comprehensive Examinations

A comprehensive examination must be passed by the candidate before a degree will be granted.  A description of the content and format of this examination is available from the Coordinator of the Graduate Literacy Program.