Student Teaching

Student Teaching

Expanding your classroom knowledge with supervised teaching experiences

Candidates in the MAT program will apply for supervised teaching during the SFR 797: Educational Workshop.

Undergraduate vs. graduate level supervised teaching

Your supervised teaching experience at the graduate level will differ in a number of ways from the undergraduate supervised teaching experience.

  • First, supervised teaching experiences for MAT candidates are for 12 weeks and 10 hours of credit as opposed to 16 weeks and 12 credit hours for undergraduate students.
  • MAT candidates are generally assigned to one location, unless you are pursuing a K-12 certification.
  • MAT candidates are required to have 1.5 times the contact hours (MAT, 390 to 450 hours) and actual teaching hours (MAT, 112-150 hours) of an undergraduate 8 week block because MAT candidates have the equivalent of one 8 week block and half of another 8 week block or four weeks, which totals 12 weeks.

Teaching on a provisional certificate

Many candidates will begin teaching on a provisional teaching certificate while completing the MAT degree. These candidates are actually the teacher of record in the classroom. For these candidates, this assignment will be used to meet supervised teaching requirements. A University supervisor will be assigned to you and will visit you approximately six times over two semesters starting in SEC 783 and concluding with SEC 784.

During your student teaching, your school will assign a mentor teacher and the principal will conduct performance-based teacher evaluations as he or she would with any teacher on staff. For everyone else not teaching on a provisional certificate, a placement will be made through the office of field experiences and clinical practice. Candidates will be assigned a cooperating teacher and University supervisor, and you will have six visits during SEC 784.

5–9 middle school certification

Please remember that the MAT is a 9-12 secondary certification program. If you are adding 5-9 middle school certification, please note the following.

  • If you are teaching on a Provisional Certificate, it must be done in your primary 9-12 certification area; however, you will need to have some experiences at the middle school level during SEC 783 in the fall semester.
  • If you are not teaching on a Provisional Certificate and adding middle school certification, SEC 783 should focus on the middle school and SEC 784, supervised teaching, will be completed at the 9-12 level.