National Elemiddle School Association

Collage of Students

The National Elemiddle School Association (NESA) is being organized by educators across the fifty states to advocate for sound, research-based, data-driven, educational practices for all schools that educate both elementary and middle grades children within the same school building. NESA does not replace other organizations; the mission, in fact, stresses collaboration that enhances advocacy for a combined elementary-middle grades school. Organizations exist to support elementary schools, middle grades, and high schools. NESA’s goal is to advocate for schools, districts, teachers, principals, parents, and students who share a common building across elementary and middle grades.

While opinions regarding grade span configurations vary and studies sometimes report different findings, there is evidence to support sound, research-based educational practices that can lead to positive student outcomes. Research demonstrates how many of these practices can be implemented effectively and efficiently in a school building that houses both elementary and middle grades students.

Increased parental involvement, cross-age tutoring, and smooth transitions between the elementary and middle grades can support student learning and interpersonal skills, leading to success in the secondary grades en route to high school graduation. Better attendance, fewer behavior problems, and higher academic achievement have been reported by schools that have adopted the Elemiddle school model.

A key goal of NESA is to develop a network of educational leaders committed to sharing best practices leading to high quality professional development and technical assistance. School leaders from across the United States will come together at a Summit in Mobile, Alabama on June 6 – 7, 2018, to determine future directions for NESA. If you would like to be a part of this ground-breaking event, please register to attend.

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