Diversity Data for Clinical Log Entries

The practice of the Educational Field Experiences office, in cooperation with the College of Education, secondary, and K-12 education programs, is to encourage diverse field experience placements for all students. Our students are required to participate in at least one diverse placement during their program of study. Diversity is defined using criteria including Title I, percentage of free/reduced price lunch, percentage of students with IEPs, ethnicity, percentage of ELL students, and variety of grade levels (early childhood and elementary programs).

To encourage diversity, students are presented with targeted opportunities such as the Teacher Education Alliance (TEA) program and the Hispanic Program in Monett and Verona in their beginning practicum. Students record diversity information about each placement in their ePortfolio clinical log, which can be accessed by the education program coordinators and the Educational Field Experiences office to track diversity by program and student. In addition, the Educational Field Experiences office annually downloads diversity information from Missouri’s Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) to share with the education programs.

The documents below provide diversity data from the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) on all public school districts at the building level.  In addition, The COE - Student Services office coordinates the collection of diversity data on non-public locations used for field experiences.  This data is key in the assignment of diverse placements.  Diversity rankings for each location are calculated in the following way:

CategoriesLocation of DataHighly DiverseModerately DiverseNot Diverse

Title I

DESE Building “Report Card”




Ethnicity: non-Caucasian %

DESE Building “Report Card”

9% or more

Between 5-8%

Less than 5%

Free/Reduced Price Lunch %

DESE Building “Report Card”

50% or more

Between 30 - 49%

Less than 30%

Special Education: IEPs

(% of population)

DESE District Special Ed Profile

10% or more

Between 8-9%

Less than 8%

ELL (% of population)

DESE District LEP Data

9% or more

Between 5-8%

Less than 5%

Scoring for the diversity ranking is then assigned to each location.  For each of the 5 categories, a score of Not Diverse = 0, Moderately Diverse = 1, and Highly Diverse = 2.  The total score a location can attain is 10 points.  To then determine the overall diversity of the building, the following system is used:

0-3 points = Not Diverse
4-6 points  = Moderately Diverse
7-10 points  = Highly Diverse

Diversity scores by district/building per academic year

*2016-17 Academic Year:  DESE has delayed the delivery of data for this academic year until September/October 2016.  Therefore, please continue to use the data from the 2015-16 year for placement purposes until new data is posted.  

You need Adobe Reader to view and print these documents.

Additional diversity data in alternate forms is available by contacting the Educational Field Experiences office at efe@missouristate.edu.