Name Badges

Name Badges for Students

Professional education students and Child and Family Development majors are required to complete practicum and student teaching hours in public or accredited private schools, daycare facilities and other locations within the community as part of their training. These locations require identification for visitor entrance. In an effort to help meet this requirement and standardize the identification of all Missouri State students completing a field experience, a Missouri State name badge may be purchased that will identify you to the school staff as a Missouri State teacher education candidate.

This name badge can be used throughout your program, including during your student teaching semester. Each badge has a magnetic back, which eliminates the need for pins or clips. The badge will include your first and last name and your major. The cost of the badge is $5.00

Name badge orders are downloaded and printed daily.  A confirmation email will be sent to your bearmail account when your name badge is ready to pick up at one of the following locations:

  • Springfield Campus:  PCOB, Room 250
  • West Plains Students:  Contact Anyta Cavitt (Education Office, White House)
  • Crowder College Students:  Contact Carl Nichols
  • Missouri Southern MAT Students:  Contact Olive Talley (Education Department)

Student Name Badge



Name Badge Guidelines for Students

  • Please indicate both your first and last name.  You may also include Ms. Mrs. or Mr.  Most education programs discourage the use of first name only (Ms. Tammy).  Please ask your instructor for preferences in your particular program.
  • Campus:  For those attending classes on one of our satellite campuses, please indicate your campus location.  Name badges will be delivered to that location.
  • For students in Secondary (9-12) or (K-12) programs, please list your major/certification area. 
  • For middle school students or those earning more than one certification THROUGH COURSEWORK, indicate your second major or additional certification area. 
  • Do not list certification areas you plan to earn by passing a content exam.  Those will not be included on your name badge.

Lanyards for Students, Faculty and Staff

Students, Faculty and Staff may now purchase a Missouri State Lanyard to go with their name badge.  All name badges will still come with the standard magnetic back.  However, if you also purchase a lanyard it will include a plastic sleeve to insert the name badge. This 3/4", high quality, break-away lanyard allows individuals to wear their name badge around their neck instead of attaching it to clothing with a magnet.   The Lanyards come in two designs, suitable for most students, faculty and staff in education-related programs.  The cost for an MSU lanyard is only $3.50!

Lanyard - College of Education

Missouri State Professional Education

If your plastic sleeve cracks or breaks, you can get a free replacement in Hill Hall,  Room 200.

Name Badges for Faculty/Staff and Graduate Assistants

Faculty, Staff and Graduate Assistants working for Missouri State University may order a name badge through the College of Education - Certification Office. The design for faculty/staff conforms to current Missouri State standards for Name Badges. Name Badges allow ONE line for name, and up to TWO lines for title, office, etc. Name badges must be orderd online.

  • If your department has agreed to pay for the name badge, please include your departmental budget number on the online form. This information can be obtained from your departmental Adminstrative Assistant. 
  • If not, Order online using a debit or credit card. Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express accepted.

Name badge orders are placed once a week, and are usually available for pick up within 2 - 3 business days. You will receive a confirmation email when your name badge is ready to pick up at one of the following locations:

  • Springfield Campus: Hill Hall, Room 200
  • West Plains Students: Contact Laketa Eagleman (Education Office, White House)
  • Crowder College Students: Contact Patsy Garner
  • Lebanon Campus Students: Contact Kermit Clay
  • Missouri Southern MAT Students: Contact Olive Talley (Education Department)

Name Badge - Faculty/Staff