Name Badges

Name Badges for Students

Professional education students and Child and Family Development majors are required to complete practicum and student teaching hours in public or accredited private schools, daycare facilities and other locations within the community as part of their training. These locations require identification for visitor entrance. Missouri State University students are given the opportunity to purchase a name badge for identification as a Missouri State teacher education candidate. This name badge can be used for all practicums and student teaching. The cost of the badge is $5.00

Name badge orders are downloaded and printed daily and delivered to the appropriate location.  A confirmation will be emailed via Bearmail when the name badge is ready.

  • Springfield Campus:  PCOB, Room 250
  • West Plains:  Contact Anyta Cavitt
  • Crowder College:  Contact Carl Nichols

Student Name Badge



Name Badge Guidelines for Students

  • Please indicate both first and last name.  Ms. Mrs. or Mr. may also be included. Most education programs discourage the use of first name only (Ms. Tammy).
  • Campus:  Students attending classes at an MSU satellite campus should indicate the campus location.  Name badges will be delivered to that location.
  • Students in secondary (9-12 or K-12) programs should indicate major/certification area. 

Lanyards for Students, Faculty and Staff

A lanyard may be purchased, which includes a plastic sleeve. The lanyard comes in two designs, suitable for most students, faculty and staff in education-related programs.  The cost for an MSU lanyard is $3.50.

Lanyard - College of Education

Missouri State Professional Education


Name Badges for Faculty/Staff and Graduate Assistants

The design for faculty/staff and graduate assistants conforms to current Missouri State standards for Name Badges. Name Badges allow ONE line for name, and up to TWO lines for title, office, etc. Name badges must be orderd online.

  • If a department has agreed to pay for the name badge, please include the departmental budget number on the online form. This information can be obtained from the departmental Adminstrative Assistant. 
  • Individual purchases may be made by ordering online using a debit or credit card. Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express accepted.

Name badges are typically available for pick up within 2 - 3 business days. A confirmation will be emailed when the name badge is ready for pick up at one of the following locations:

  • Springfield Campus: PCOB, Room 250
  • West Plains: Contact Laketa Eagleman
  • Crowder College: Contact Carl Nichols

Name Badge - Faculty/Staff