Student Teaching Handbook Committee

Reviewed By Educational Field Experiences Staff and Approved

The Student Teaching Handbook Committee was originally formed by the Educational Field Experiences Office to assist the staff with the development and maintenance of the Student Teaching Handbook. This committee has been in place since 1994. In the past, a chairperson was appointed to run the committee, and served in that capacity as long as they were willing. The committee has been chaired by the following individuals:

1994 – 2005 Al Manning

2005 - 2010 Jim Jolliff

2010 – Present: Coordinator of Educational Field Experiences

Committee Charge

The charge of this committee is to annually review, make suggestions for changes, update and revise the Student Teaching handbook. This committee does not create new student teaching policies, but instead insures that the Student Teaching handbook accurately reflects current policy and procedures set by the Educational Field Experiences Office, the PEC, DESE, NCATE and Missouri State University. The committee makes recommendations to the Coordinator of Educational Field Experiences. All changes must be approved by the Coordinator. The committee will meet annually (typically early February) to review the handbook for the following academic year. Once the handbook is finalized, it will be submitted to the PEC as an informational item only. Since no policy changes are made by this committee, a formal vote of the PEC is not needed.

Committee Structure

This committee Includes:

  • Chair: Coordinator of Educational Field Experiences
  • Assistant Coordinators of Educational Field Experiences
  • Director of Secondary Education
  • STEPS Coordinator
  • Current supervisors from the following areas:
    • 1 representative from 9-12 programs
    • 1 representative from K-12 programs
    • 2 representatives from ELE, MID, ECE or SPE programs

Terms of Service

The supervisors will serve a maximum of 2 years terms (staggered for consistency). All others will remain on the committee as long as they are in their position at Missouri State.

MAT Student Teaching Handbook

The MAT Student Teaching Handbook was developed and is maintained by the Educational Field experiences Office in cooperation with the Director of the MAT program. This handbook borrows information from the main Student Teaching Handbook and modifications are made as appropriate to fit the structure of the MAT program.