Transition Points for Education Programs

Transition Points can be described as specific points in each education program where students must complete designated requirements in order to proceed to the next stage in that program. These points are monitored by program faculty and staff at Missouri State to ensure all students meet the requirements for each Transition Point before moving forward to the next stage in that program. Requirements for each Transition Point differ, and each program or group of programs has it's own unique set of Transition Points.

Both The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) and NCATE require Transition Points. Following are definitions from those organizations:

NCATE Definition: Transition Points are key points in a program when a unit assesses candidate knowledge, skills, and professional dispositions to determine if candidates are ready to proceed to the next stage in a program. Standard 2 requires transition points upon program entry, at appropriate point(s) during the program, and upon program completion.

DESE Definition: The Educator Preparation staff at the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) state that institutions should have "clear and identifiable transitions from one point in a program to the next, tied to program assessments".

Transition Points vs. E-Portfolio Checkpoints

Many education programs at Missouri State continue to utilize the E-Portfolio system to house student artifacts and clinical logs. Portfolio checkpoints are granted when certain items in the portfolio have been completed. Several of those items and the corresponding portfolio checkpoint may be required in order to complete a larger Transition Point. However, a portfolio checkpoint is always only one of many items required to complete a Transition Point.

At Missouri State University, the following Transition Points have been identified for all Education Programs:

  1. Admission to the Program
  2. From Entrance to the Program to Approval for Field Experience
  3. Exit from Field Experience
  4. Program Completion
  5. After Program Completion

The following documents contain the PEU-approved Transition Points for each Education Program at Missouri State University:

*Note: Some documents are currently pending final PEC Approval.

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