Custom and On-site Training

"The ATLL is committed to partnering with educators to provide highly effective professional opportunities for continual professional growth."

Dr. Chuck Garner


In addition to our regular, ongoing training programs and consultant support, we strive to bring in expert guest speakers and trainings to the 94 districts we serve in Southwest Missouri. We want to hear from our districts as to how we can serve them by providing needed training as our schools change.

Customized On-Site Training 

We understand the challenges administrators face when trying to provide their teachers with professional development. For that reason, we work with districts to find solutions to scheduling and traveling when a group of teachers are seeking professional development. From large or small groups to one-on-one, contact our agency to see if we can find a way to connect educators and trainers on-site.

Workshops and Training 

Our agency works very hard for opportunities to provide relevant training for Southwest Missouri educators and administrators. Whether it is bringing in an expert to speak on a current social issue or continuing education on the latest classroom techniques, we strive to bring our districts the most dynamic and relevant training in the field. Some past topic of interest:


Mindfulness in the Classroom

K-8 Math and Science

K-12 Literacy

Trauma Informed Schools

Impacts on Poverty on Education

Early Childhood STEM

Student Engagement

Bullying in Schools

Social Studies

Seal of Bi-Literacy



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