Missouri Registered Youth Apprenticeship


The Missouri Registered Youth Apprenticeship (RYA) program is a statewide collaborative initiative.  They RYA Regional Coordinator will serve all partners in developing successful RYA programs in Missouri’s public school system consistent with local, state, and federal regulations.  The RYA Coordinator’s primary goal will be to help secure registered apprenticeship in all areas of career and technical education (CTE), including the areas of advanced manufacturing, information systems and technology, and construction laborer/tradesman, and other areas as appropriate. 

  1. Assist schools, career and employers coordinate and develop United States Department of Labor RYAs which will assist in addressing the workforce "skills-gap" in many occupational areas. The RYA coordinator will be the liaison with business and industry employers, schools, local and state-level chambers of commerce, and the Department of Labor to develop and oversee the formal registered apprenticeship processes.
  2. Work closely with the Missouri Department of Higher Education and Workforce Development, the Missouri Department of Labor and Industrial Relations, and the United State Department of Labor in providing technical assistance to local education agencies (LEAs), area CTE career centers, community colleges, and the State Technical College of Missouri in implementing RYA.
  3. Provide regional trainings for stakeholders to become RYA Sponsors.

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