Waiting List

Missouri State University child development center waiting list application

Access the Waiting List Application


If you wish to be considered for enrollment in our program, you can fill out waiting list application utilizing the link above. You can also access the form on Facebook at MSUCDC. Currently, there is no fee associated with the waiting list application form.

Waiting list applications are automatically timestamped and entered into a spreadsheet for electronic record keeping. Requests for enrollment are processed on an age-eligibility and date-of-application basis with families already enrolled at the facility gaining first priority.

We also attempt to achieve a balance in each classroom that allows us to meet each child's needs in an effective and responsive way. Enrollment requests that cannot be honored immediately will be kept on a waiting list.

It is the responsibility of the applicant to assure that all waiting list application information is kept current. You can update your waiting list information by editing your original responses using the auto-reply generated from the waiting list form. This will come to the email address you provide at time of application. Be sure to keep this email, as it is your way to maintain current and accurate information on the waiting list.

When we can offer you an appropriate space for your child, a tour of the facility will be arranged.

Please feel free to email us at msucdc@missouristate.edu with questions regarding the waiting list application or if you would like any other information.

How we utilize the waiting list

When a space becomes available in the program, our administrative team with help from the classroom teachers, identifies the best fit for programs with the following information:

  • Age of child needed (e.g., infant, young toddler, older toddler, preschooler).
  • Balance of developmental needs and capabilities in the classroom.

An administrative team member will then begin contacting families, starting with highest priority, to offer a space in the program.

Staying on the waiting list

Families can remain on the waiting list until a space becomes available for them. If a family is offered a space in the program and they decline, their name can remain on the list if requested, however, they will not necessarily be given priority over other families the next time space becomes available. Children on the waiting list will automatically be removed when they age out of the program/when they are kindergarten eligible.  Families will not be contacted about the waiting list unless an appropriate space becomes available for their child. It is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to provide any updates/changes to the information on the waiting list (address, phone, etc.) via the auto-generated reply sent to the original email address. The administrative team will not make updates or changes to the waiting list at applicant’s request. 

Why does it take so long to get into the programs?

MSU CDC is a looping facility. This means that children stay with the same teachers and classmates until they exit our program. We DO NOT promote children out of their classroom on their birthday. Instead, the entire class moves together from year to year. This means, that we do not have spaces open like a traditional child care facility and is why your child may remain on the waiting list for an extended period of time.

Why we can't tell you exactly where you stand on the waiting list

Many families request to know exactly what “number” they are on our waiting list. We do not provide a number because it has very limited meaning. Below are just a few of the reasons we cannot provide a number for you when you are placed on the waiting list:

  1. Because circumstances for families on our waiting list can change suddenly and without notification, we can never be certain who remains active on our waiting list until we begin the process of offering enrollment to families when a space becomes available. Sometimes, a space is filled by the first name on the list while other times, we may have to call many families before finding one still interested in the space.
  2. Often, the number of families with first priority changes. Families already affiliated with the programs may get a child into the programs ahead of someone who applies earlier because of the priority that is afforded them. This shifting priority most frequently happens in our infant and toddler programs as families with children already enrolled make decisions to expand their families. Many of these families still have to wait to get their children into the program.

Enrollment and admissions procedures

The choice of child care is one of the most important decisions you will make for your young child. Because of this, we believe it is imperative for you to take time to visit the facility and ask questions about the program prior to enrollment.

Tours of the facility will be set up individually. When the facility is at full enrollment, tours for the new school year will begin in April or May. When we are looking for children to fill open spaces, tours will be scheduled with families as spaces are offered. It is imperative that interested families make time to come see the facility as soon as a space is offered so that we can begin admissions or move on to the next family as quickly as possible.

At time of acceptance, all enrollment forms will be emailed to you along with instructions for completion by a member of the administrative team. All forms are required to maintain adequate records for your child either as set forth by the state of Missouri or in CDC policy and procedure. Failure to provide or maintain adequate records can result in termination of enrollment.