Family and Consumer Sciences Emphasis Graduate Program

Family and consumer sciences teacher working with students in classroom.

Add to your FCS teaching knowledge

Stand out as a family and consumer sciences (home ec) teacher with a master's degree.

Explore current issues and trends in relevant areas: fashion, wellness, housing, interior design and more.

Jennifer Baxter, family and consumer sciences teacher at Willard High School
Careers and outcomes

Reach the next level as a family and consumer sciences educator.

Upgrade your teaching portfolio

Completing this program qualifies you for the career continuous professional certificate (CCPC).

Not yet a certified teacher?

Consider a Master of Arts in Teaching with a content focus in family and consumer sciences.

You’ll earn a teaching certificate and a master’s degree at the same time.

Why earn a master’s degree in family and consumer sciences at Missouri State?

  • Earn a rare degree on your time. We’re the only family and consumer sciences (FCS) graduate program in southwest Missouri. You can take all courses online.
  • Reach a new level in your career. A master’s degree helps you land new jobs, promotions and salary increases.
  • Get qualified to teach dual-credit courses with colleges and universities.
  • Select courses in this emphasis area that match your goals and interests.