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Transitions are HARD!

July 2017



Wednesday, July 19:  Parent Advisory Committee Meeting at 4pm, Conference Room/Staff Lounge in Preschool 2.


Fall 2017 School Year Kick-Off:  Thursday, July 27, 2017, from 6:00-7:00 p.m. at Greenwood Laboratory School for our new school year informational meeting.  


Getting Ready to Transition:

As everyone at the CDC prepares for the transition to their new classrooms, stress and anxiety can run high.  

What are teachers doing to help?

Teachers have already begun talking with the children about what to expect during the transition.  Teachers are working together to come up with a plan for center-wide “practice days” for transition. Typically, this involves dropping off your child/children in their new classrooms 2 or 3 times per week and potentially picking up there, as well.  Talk with your child’s classroom teacher for specifics about how this will look for your child.

How can you help?

Often times, transitioning to a new classroom can induce uncertainty for children.  Open up conversations with them and reassure them that their teachers will keep them safe, no matter where they are at the CDC.  If you haven’t already done so, come up with a drop-off routine.  Children feel safest when they know what to expect each day.  Your drop-off routine can be as simple or as elaborate as you’d like, however, keeping it the same each and every day is the key in helping children know what comes next.  

Bring in pictures of your family and your child’s closest loved ones. Put them in a photo book so that your child may look at them throughout the day while they are at school.


Transitioning Continued…

What should you expect at home?

Any time change occurs, children may regress to an “earlier” stage of development at which they felt “safer.”  Because of this, it is expected that children may ramp up behaviors that had been previously extinguished such as toileting accidents, whining, hitting, biting, or a change in sleep patterns.  Rest assured that, in a few weeks, all will return to normal.  Bear with your child as they navigate the transition.  Expect more emotional drop-off times and more emotional outbursts at home.  Help them by talking things through and helping to pinpoint the source of their anxiety.

Rate Increase for 2017-2018 School Year:

The following rate increases have been approved by the Board of Governors, effective August 07, 2017:

Infant/Toddler Classrooms:  $230.00/week

Twos’ Classroom:  $185.00/week

Preschool Classrooms:  $150.00/week

Tuition rate is effective for the entire time your child occupies a space in that classroom, regardless of your child’s chronological age.


School Closings:  

August 3 & 4, Transition Days

Please remember absolutely no peanut or tree nut products should ever be brought into the CDC.  We have several children with life-threatening allergies.  Additionally, per our Eat Smart Certification, no outside snacks or foods should be brought into the facility at all.  Please have your child finish all snacks in the car and then make your first stop the bathroom to wash hands.  Thank you for helping us keep all of our children safe.


Happy July!

Deanna & Mandy