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February 2018

January was a busy month around the CDC!  We kicked off the new semester by adding many new faces to our CDC team.  We have hired a new Assistant Teacher, Miss Jessalyn Hyatt, in our Monster Trucks Classroom and have added many new fantastic part time employees to the family.  Additionally, with our Child and Family Development courses fully underway, we have new lab students learning the ropes in our classrooms.  Be sure to look for information about our students in your classroom’s family information area!

Missouri Accreditation of Programs for Children and Youth:

As most of you already know, the CDC is accredited through Missouri Accreditation of Programs for Children and Youth.  What you may not know is what that actually means.  Being an accredited facility means that the CDC is committed to offering your children valuable and powerful learning experiences through authentic, play-based activities.  The program is founded on the idea that children construct knowledge of their world by (first and foremost) feeling safe and loved and by having the opportunity to actively explore it.  Missouri Accreditation uses this fundamental idea to develop criteria by which to review programs.  In December, a review team came to the CDC to observe all aspects of the program.  They stayed for the day and watched as our teachers engaged with your children.  They looked over assessment pieces, material selection, and lesson planning.  The CDC has been given the official word that we have been re-accredited for another five years!  Give your child’s teachers a high five for all of their hard work!


Community Events:

Seuss Science Day at the Discovery Center:

Celebrate Dr. Seuss’ birthday on February 17th at the Discovery Center!  Meet the Cat and the Hat!  Activities will be available from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm at a reduced admission price.  Go to: for more details!


CDC Events:

Be sure to check your child’s classroom newsletter for information on classroom parties and planned events for the month!


Conscious Discipline Spotlight:

Use Conscious Discipline’s “I Love You Rituals” to help with tough transitions from home to school.  If you have a little that struggles with this, make time for a ritual; something you do together each time you drop off at school.  Dr. Becky Bailey has created the following song, sung to the tune of “Mama’s Little Baby Loves Shortening Bread,” that you can try with your child:

Mama’s smart girl/boy is precious, precious.

Mama’s smart girl/boy is loved so much.

Mama’s smart girl/boy will go to school.

Mama’s smart girl/boy will meet the bus.

Put on your socks. Put on your shoes. Going to school is wonderful news!

Reminders and FYI:

Keep up to date with planned closures by using the CDC Google Calendar pinned to the top of our Facebook group!

Closure Dates:  

February 19th - President’s Day

March 30th - Spring Holiday


Happy February!

Deanna and Mandy