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Gain experience in your option area

As a student in the child and family development program, you will gain first-hand knowledge and skills working with the population that you selected as an option area.

Additionally, we require a field placement to provide the opportunity to bridge the gap between school and the work world by helping you integrate classroom theory and learning with work experience. The premise is that there are opportunities for learning in the work world that cannot be duplicated in the classroom. Through the internship you can do the following:

  • Gain new knowledge and insight into the population of interest.
  • Use academic knowledge and apply professional skills to working with a population of interest.
  • Work with professionals who will act as your mentors.
  • Discover and develop your strengths and work to correct weaknesses.
  • Evaluate your career choices and further define your career goals.

Internship requirements 

For your degree, you will enroll in a six-hour internship (CFD 466 requires six credit hours). For six credit hours, you are required to complete 300 clock hours at the placement site. Depending upon the site, you may schedule the hours in a way that suits you and your site supervisor. Most students divide the total hours evenly by the number of weeks in the semester to decide how many hours to schedule each week. The internship coordinator can work with you to design the kind of experience you want.

For the Child Life option 

For those of you with an emphasis in the child life profession, you will need to enroll in CFD 466. If you need any additional upper level hours, you may take up to six additional credits of CFD 499. Most internship placements require an internship of 500-600 hour placement (40 hours a week). If this is the case and you need to maintain full time student status, you will need to sign up for CFD 499 in addition to CFD 466. Please see the child life emphasis internship coordinator for approval to enroll in CFD 499.


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