Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements for the Accelerated Master

  1. Junior status with a G.P.A. of 3.0 or better;
  2. Admission to Teacher Education;
  3. For early childhood education students, completion of CFD 260 (Observing, Assessing, & Implementing Activities for Young Children) and CFD 455 (Curriculum and Programming for Infants and Toddlers);
  4. For special education students, completion of SPE 345 (Educational Evaluation of Exceptional Students) and SPE 346 (Educational Evaluation of Exceptional Students Lab);
  5. Acceptance of the applicant by the graduate faculty of both the Special Education and Early Childhood Education under the accelerated master’s option.

Program Admission Procedure

In addition to the submission of the Graduate Application for Admission and applicatio fee, the candidate must apply for admission by submitting the following materials to the Department of Childhood Education & Family Studies for review by the graduate faculty.

  1. A letter of intent containing professional goals, future plans, background information, and professional experiences.
  2. Submission of two letters of recommendation from professionals familiar with the candidate’s academic abilities and potential.
  3. Completion of any required prerequisite courses or permission from the Graduate Director.
    • Students may transfer in no more than 6 credit hours that must be approved by the Graduate Director.
    • Students must complete a Program of Study with their advisor prior to completing 15 credit hours. Students and their advisor should monitor the online Degree Audit to ensure appropriate progress.

If accepted to the accelerated master’s program, up to 12 hours of course work may apply to both the undergraduate and graduate degrees. Mixed credit coursework varies by the undergraduate program.

Mixed Credit Courses for Early Childhood Education majors
Course ID Course Title
CFD 660 Family Engagement (3 hrs)
CFD 663 Admin. Of Programs for Children & Families (3 hrs)
ECE 675 Working with Culturally/Linguistically Diverse Children & Families (3 hrs)
SPE 623 Curriculum & Methods in ECSE (3 hrs)
Mixed Credit Courses for Special Education majors
Course ID Course Title
SPE 625 Introduction to Teaching & Assessing Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (3 hrs)
SPE 660 Working with Families of Exceptional Individuals (3 hrs)
SPE 618 Application of Applied Behavior Analysis & Intervention in Applied Settings (3 hrs)
SPE 779 Application of Technology in Sp. Education Students with Mild/Moderate Disabilities- Lab (3 hrs)