Family and Consumer Sciences Emphasis Graduate Program

Why study for your master’s degree at Missouri State?

  • Missouri State University has the only master’s program in family and consumer sciences in southwest Missouri.
  • With a master’s degree from Missouri State, you may be eligible for promotions and salary increases from many employers.
  • You will find numerous fulfilling job opportunities available in this high-demand field.
  • Furthering your education through this program will keep you in touch with students and new technologies for the classroom, which will put you ahead of others in the field.
  • Once completed, this degree fulfills the requirements for the Career Continuous Professional Certificate.

Growing in your field

If you are currently an educator of family and consumer sciences, obtaining your master’s degree in secondary education with an emphasis in this area is a perfect fit. As you become more equipped with advanced teaching mechanisms, you will learn more about current issues and trends in fashion, textiles, nutrition, wellness, housing and interior design. You will also have an opportunity to refresh and build upon the knowledge you have in areas like family and child development.

“ Working through the graduate program at Missouri State University to obtain my masters degree in secondary education with an emphasis in Family and Consumer Sciences has been a very positive experience for me.  My professors are not only knowledgeable, but also approachable. I feel strongly that each course I take is preparing me for my future endeavors and I will be proud to say that I have earned a graduate degree from this institution."

Ashley Newberry, FCS teacher
Nixa High School
Nixa, MO

MAT - Masters of Arts in Teaching

Thinking about becoming a teacher? Consider a Master of Arts in Teaching with an emphasis in family and consumer sciences.

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