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Build teacher leadership capacity

Teacher academy participants obtain skills in curriculum design, using data to drive instruction, the effective use of instructional strategies, and increasing student engagement. Through reflective practice, teachers embark on a year long project, which focuses on improving student learning.

Teacher leadership capacity is an expected outcome of the program, and participating teachers develop the ability to provide support and training for their colleagues within their home district. The Missouri Teacher Academy is a replication of the very successful Leadership Academy Program, which has been fundamental in providing professional growth for school leaders. Teacher Academy is designed to provide participants with an intellectually stimulating opportunity to learn and implement new teaching strategies in collaboration with other highly committed teachers in their region and throughout the state.

Teacher academy qualifications 

  • At least 3 years of teaching experience
  • Demonstrated classroom effectiveness
  • Commitment to sustained professional development

Cost: $500 (Tuition, transportation, food and substitutes will be the responsibility of the school or individual).Participation requires 8 release days, which include two statewide meetings and 6 regional sessions.

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Portrait of Shannon.​​​​​​​

Congratulations Teacher Academy graduate - Shannon Waldo, Billings

Shannon Waldo, a 2017 Statewide Teacher Academy Graduate from the Agency for Teaching, Leading, and learning was recently highlighted in the Missouri Teacher- the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. The article focused on the continued passion Shannon has for teaching and her students after 19 years of teaching. Shannon is currently serving as a 2016-17 Regional Teacher and she is a Regional Teacher Leader in Southwest Missouri. She teaches music at Billings School District.

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Teacher Academy Graduates


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Nicole Eisensee

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Dean Heller

Shannon Waldo - Teacher of the Year Regional Winner


Daniel Kelsay - Teacher of the Year Regional Nominee


Nicole Carter


Kim Hopper - Teacher of the Year Regional Nominee


Tim Broderick - Teacher of the Year Regional Nominee

Matt Dresslaer

Jennly Holman

Sandy Humbyrd - Teacher of the Year State Finalist

Joel E. Barber

Jacala Hartman

Janet King

Heidi Norfleet

Toni Reid


Ashley Felton - Teacher of the Year Regional Nominee


Allison Tilley


Rochelle Shumaker


Scott Nicholson


Thomas Jemes

Hannah McClintock - Teacher of the Year Regional Nominee

Kristine Vanscoy - Teacher of the Year Regional Nominee

Springfield Schools

Jean Lawson - Teacher of the Year State Finalist

Walnut Grove

Courtney Pybas - Teacher of the Year Regional Nominee