Accelerated Program

Save time and money. Finish with two degrees and gain eligibility to become a Certified Child Life Specialist.

This track is for Missouri State undergraduate students who would like to start their master’s degree coursework as they finish their bachelor’s degree.

  • Take courses that count towards both degrees
  • Gain a competitive edge by pursuing a MS degree

How it works

If you meet the admission requirements, you can start taking graduate courses in your senior year.

Up to 12 hours of graduate-level credit will count toward both your bachelor’s degree and master's degree.

You’ll take course work for the advanced track.

When to apply

Apply during your junior year. You’re encouraged to apply before you take CFD 510, CFD 557, CFD 562 and CFD 563.

Mixed-credit coursework
Course Title Credit hours Type of graduate coursework
CFD 610 Child Life Theory and Practice 3 Required
CFD 657 Growth and Development: Middle Childhood-Adolescence 3 Optional support elective
CFD 662 Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect 3 Optional support elective
CFD 663 Administration of Programs for Children and Families 3 Optional support elective
Child life students and instructors in hospital
Careers and outcomes

Along with helping sick and injured kids, you’re set up to do more in the child life practice field.