Careers and Outcomes

Child life student interacting with hospitalized kid

Bring assurance in unsure times

As a certified child life specialist, you work with kids and families in health care settings.

You’re there for support, guidance and therapy.

Your expertise makes a big difference. You help others deal with trauma, loss, long-term illness or injury and other challenges.

Standard: Get certified

With certification, you’re better equipped to provide a helping hand.

  • Become a practicing certified child life specialist.
  • Earn a higher salary
  • Meet the psychosocial needs of kids and families facing medical issues.
  • Put theory into practice as a lab student, or at your practicum or internship site.

Advanced: Discover new possibilities in child life practice

Already a practicing certified child life specialist? The advanced track sets you up for greater success:

  • Conduct research in your clinical practice.
  • Start toward your PhD.
  • Build the traits for leadership roles. Become a mentor for colleagues or future child life students.
  • Increase your salary potential and career options