Accelerated Master's Degree Option

Jump start your degree

The MSED, Educational Technology accelerated master's option provides exceptional Missouri State University undergraduate students the opportunity to enroll in a combined baccalaureate and master's degree program.

Eligible majors may apply for preliminary acceptance into the MSED, Educational Technology program after admission requirements for the accelerated master's degree option have been satisfied.  Once accepted, students will be able to take up to 12 hours of graduate-level Educational Technology courses that apply to both their undergraduate and graduate programs.  Before enrolling in courses to be counted for both undergraduate and graduate credit, an undergraduate student must be admitted into the accelerated master's program and complete a Mixed Credit Form.  A student will be fully admitted to the MSED, Educational Technology program upon the completion of the requirements for the baccalaureate degree.

Admission requirements

To be admitted you must fulfill the requirements listed below:

  • Junior standing, with an over-all GPA of 3.25

Graduate coursework in Educational Technology taken by undergraduates and accepted into the accelerated master's option include:

  • EDT 665; EDT 662; EDT 660; and RDG 660 or RDG 665.  Other courses may be substituted with approval from EDT Program Coordinator.

Students must complete the additional course requirements and number of required hours as listed in the regular MSED-Technology degree.