Careers and Outcomes

Two people instructing a student during a computer lab exercise.

Fuse tech with education

Upgrade how you teach and train people.

Earn a master’s degree that puts you at the forefront of digital education.

Take charge of your career

Online master's in educational technology

What is educational technology? It’s about using digital tools to transform learning.

The COVID-19 pandemic changed everything. So much is online now, including education.

From digital whiteboards to video conferencing apps, cloud spaces and more, education must keep up with a connected world.

This 100% online master’s degree helps you become a leader in tech-based teaching and training strategies.

Not just for teachers

While K-12 settings are common, you’re not limited to a traditional classroom.

This program is a great fit if you are:

  • An instructional technologist who wants to become a technology specialist or system-wide technology coordinator.
  • A professional who works in higher education, medical settings or fields other than certificated K-12 positions.
  • A classroom teacher who wishes to bring instructional design and technology into the classroom.

Strengthen your job security for the digital age.

Potential job titles or career paths

  • Course developer or designer
  • Instructional designer
  • Online learning specialist
  • Teacher (K-12 schools)
  • Technology coordinator
  • Technology trainer
  • Technology support in an educational setting
  • Technology administration for a school district
  • Web-based learning manager