Careers and Outcomes

Teach people how to do new things

Adulthood comes with challenges.

Bills. Relationships. Healthy eating. Maintaining your home.

That’s where you come in. Help others overcome day-to-day hurdles and have a healthy, happy and vibrant life.

Where can you work with a degree in family and consumer sciences?

Most common: teaching FCS (home economics) at the high school or middle school level.

Is the traditional classroom not for you? You're equipped to enhance lives in other fields as well.

  • Business
  • Government (agencies)
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Retail
  • Social services

Strong employment rates

It won’t take you long to find work. School districts face a shortage of FCS teachers.

Our graduates are highly sought-after for jobs.

Around 80 percent of our student teachers accept a full-time job before they even graduate.

Building your experience

Explore the field with your practicum and student teaching/internship stints. This lets you teach, engage and connect with middle school and high school students.


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