Careers and Outcomes

A middle school teacher smiles for a posed photo while alone in the classroom.

Ignite a love for learning

The middle school years are a pivotal stage.

As a teacher, you can have a rewarding career as you educate and prepare the next generation.

What middle school teachers do

They take learning up a notch.

As students move up from elementary school and get ready for high school, you help them learn topics on a deeper level.

From teaching a subject to keeping students on task, your job duties can vary depending on the day or setting.

These include:

  • Create and teach lesson plans.
  • Grade homework and assignments.
  • Assess each student’s abilities, strengths and weaknesses.
  • Help students overcome learning issues; communicate with parents or guardians about progress or hurdles.
  • Prepare students for required standardized tests.

Most middle school teachers specialize in a specific subject, like math or history.

How to teach middle schoolers

Along with a bachelor’s degree and certification, you need the right personality.

  • Energy
  • Dedication
  • Collaboration
  • Patience

If these traits describe you, you’re made for this field.

Declare your major in middle school education

Preparing you to be successful

Our program equips you with the skill set you’ll need to run your classroom.

You’ll learn research-based methods for:

  • Classroom management specifically for middle school.
  • Backward-design models for constructing instructional units.
  • Writing effective lesson plans.
  • Adjusting your teaching style to meet the unique learning needs of all students.

Through student teaching and practicums, you’ll gain experience and preview what it’s like to be a teacher – working under current teachers.

You won’t have to do it alone, either. You’ll complete your degree in a cohort – a group of your peers.

Salary for middle school teachers

In Missouri, most middle school teachers earn around $45,000.

You can earn more as you gain experience or pursue advanced degrees.

Where do our alumni work?

You’ll find former Bears all over the country, and especially in Missouri.

Our alumni work in middle schools in St. Louis, Kansas City, Springfield and more.