Specialist in Education, Teacher Leadership

Why pursue the Specialist in Education, Teacher Leadership degree at Missouri State?

The Specialist in Education, Teacher Leadership (SETL) degree is designed for teachers who desire to take on leading roles in making decisions in their schools and school districts, in and out of the classroom - teachers who prove themselves to be excellent teachers, committed professionals and supportive colleagues.

This degree is for students who possess a master's degree in an education-related field - for example, a master's degree in literacy or educational technology, or a master's degree in a subject or grade-level field. This degree helps individual teachers improve their teaching while also challenging and deepening their commitments and understandings. The degree is intended for teachers who want to stay in the classroom, want to become a resource teacher (or "coach"), or want to become a curriculum specialist. Please note: this Specialist in Education, Teacher Leadership (SETL) degree does not prepare (or certify) teachers to work as a building principal. 

Program information

The bulk of this degree (18 credit hours) is delivered on-site in a two-year cohort model. Teachers enrolled in this degree will meet with teacher colleagues enrolled in the Master of Arts in Teaching and Learning (MATL) degree. Cohorts will identify common needs or concerns, deepen collaboration, and strengthen supportive collegial relationships. Degrees feature an inquiry project-based approach via an action research framework.  Each student will choose an emphasis or elective area (12 credit hours- with a wide range of options) and will have direct sustained involvement with MSU Education faculty. Some credit hours from a previous master's degree may count toward this emphasis or elective area, pending approval by the Program Coordinator and Graduate College.