Child Life Studies Graduate Program

Why continue your education with the child life studies graduate program?

The Master of Science in Child Life Studies prepares students to excel as Certified Child Life Specialists (CCLS) in healthcare settings by fully developing and enhancing the professional knowledge and skills necessary to provide effective child life services with children who have chronic or acute illnesses and injuries, and their families.

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Advantages of our graduate program

  • Our graduate program is for students who plan to become Certified Child Life Specialists and for already practicing Certified Child Life Specialists.
  • There is both a standard track and advanced track to our graduate program.
  • Students in the advanced track can complete their degree entirely online. Students in the standard track will need to complete several clinical laboratory experiences at a children's hospital under direct supervision of child life faculty. 
  • We offer an accelerated graduate program for Missouri State University's Child and Family Development majors who have already been accepted to the Child Life Option undergraduate program.

Track options

Our graduate program offers two track options as well as an accelerated graduate program option.


Become a Certified Child Life Specialist who works to minimize the psychological stress and trauma during healthcare encounters.


Become a Certified Child Life Specialist with greater professional responsibility for research and doctoral studies.


Enroll in a combined baccalaureate and master's degree program for Child Life Studies.

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