Field Placement and Practicum

Classroom of children

Hands-on learning places you a step ahead

Our early childhood education program prepares teacher candidates to work with children from birth through grade three. Our program is carefully designed to provide you with a  well-sequenced experience to teach in both public and private settings.

In our program you will:

  • Have opportunities to observe classrooms to confirm or refute your career path and give you practical experience in an early childhood educational setting
  • Participate in a variety of field experiences with different age groups culminating in student teaching

Early Field Experiences

Early childhood students are in the field early and often throughout the program.  Opportunities to work with preschool-age children (2 – 5 years) occur in both CFD 160 Principles of Development in Early Childhood and CFD 260 Observing, Assessing and Planning Activities for Young Children.

Mid-Level Field Experiences

Students in early childhood will work with infants and toddlers during their lab for CFD 455 Infant/Toddler Curriculum and Program.  In addition, students will be placed in public school classrooms for two 30-hour placements prior to student teaching.  The first occurs in the content methods courses (ECE 301 Emerging Literacy/Communication Arts; ECE 302 Socio-Moral Development/Social Studies; ECE 303 Mathematics and Science for Young Children) and again in the following semester while enrolled in ECE 401 Early Childhood Curriculum, ECE 402 Assessment of Young Children, and ECE 403 Integrating the Arts in the Early Childhood Classroom.

Student Teaching

Early childhood students have two options for student teaching.  The first is a traditional 16-week (one semester) placement in one classroom with an age/grade level within our certification area (pre-kindergarten through third grade).  The second option is the ECE Internship Academy, a year-long placement in one classroom with a Master Teacher.   




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