Program Requirements

This major does not require a minor.

Preparing you to be a teacher

In our program, you’ll preview your future through field experiences and student teaching.

How it works

  1. Field experiences
    • Early field experiences
      • Work with preschool-age children in CFD 160 and CFD 260
    • Mid-level field experiences
      • Work with infants and toddlers in CFD 455
      • Two, 30-hour placements in public school classrooms (ECE 301, ECE 302 and ECE 303; ECE 401, ECE 402 and ECE 403).
  2. Student teaching: Choose one of two options.
    • The traditional, 16-week (one semester) placement in a classroom within our certification range (pre-kindergarten through 3rd grade).
    • The MSU Internship Academy, a year-long placement in one classroom with a master teacher.