Careers and Outcomes

Teacher and child working together

Preparing for a career as an effective elementary teacher

Our program has been preparing highly qualifies elementary teachers and other education professionals who have positively impacted generations of students in Missouri and beyond for more than 100 years. You will be prepared to continue that tradition. Beginning salaries for elementary teacher graduates in Missouri average $34,065/year.

Maybe your career goals include reaching in a non-traditional or informal setting that caters to children. Our program will prepare you to be successful working with children in outdoor or nature centers, camps, the Y, Boys and Girls clubs, youth centers, alternative schools, religious centers, sports or arts centers, museum and zoo education centers, organizations that promote health and nutrition to children, and many others.

Additional certifications

Additional certifications increase employability and prepare candidates to meet the diverse learning needs of children in today's classrooms. Choose an emphasis or minor that develops your knowledge and skills in another certification area. Additional certification areas that increase marketability are:


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