Field Placement and Practicum

You're in the field often to ensure you build practical, authentic experiences.

You’ll have:

  • Field placements to gain experience with diverse learners.

  • More classroom contact hours and responsibilities as you progress through the program.

  • An opportunity to observe, work one-on-one, facilitate small groups and teach full time. 

A sample of field experiences

Early: In ELE 302, you’ll shadow an elementary teacher.

Literacy: In RDG 420 and RDG 421, you’ll help elementary students improve their reading and writing skills.

Methods: A variety of field experiences focused on specific content areas (literacy, mathematics, science and social studies).

Comprehensive: In ELE 500, you’ll put it all together. This eight-week, 100-hour internship puts you in a Springfield Public Schools Title 1 classroom.

Student teaching

Now, it’s time to put your new skills to use. A 16-week student teaching experience in one school and classroom caps your experience.

Choose one of three student teaching options: traditional, out-of-area or the Internship Academy.

Traditional: Teaching in the Springfield area

You're assigned to one school/one classroom within the Springfield area. This includes neighboring counties.

Some of your student teaching experiences will include:

  • Facilitating small groups
  • Team teaching or co-teaching
  • Teaching whole group lessons in the content areas (literacy, mathematics, science and social studies)

You will be assigned a university supervisor. They review and oversee your student teaching experience.

Traditional: Teaching outside of the Springfield area

You can apply to do your student teaching elsewhere, such as another city in Missouri, a different state or a different country.

A university supervisor and mentor classroom teacher will have to be secured for this request.

You will still need to complete the 16 weeks of required student teaching.

Internship Academy

You can apply to be part of this one-year student teaching option.

This active learning experience provides you opportunities to build sustained relationships with one school.

You will have a teacher in residence and a master teacher to support you.

Tip for success

Stay current with your TB test, liability insurance and FBI background check in order to participate in field placements and practicum assignments in schools.