Business Education Undergraduate Program

Become a high school business teacher

Invest in the next generation, by doing what you know and love.

Be certified to teach business in grades 9-12.

Help future leaders and creators understand the keys to successful business.

Why major in business education?

Student meeting with an advisor.
  • We’re No. 1 – Missouri’s future teachers start here. MSU produces more teachers than any other school in the state, and our alumni excel in their annual performance reviews.
  • Earn an accredited, certified degree – Your degree will have full accreditation from the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE). You will be prepared and certified to teach business at the high school level (grades 9-12) in Missouri.
  • Be well-rounded in business – Your business courses include management, marketing, personal finance, law and more.
  • Preview your teaching career – Through field experiences, you’ll have the training to hit the ground running when you land your first teaching job.

Degree options

Business teachers are in demand

This major helps you become an effective business education teacher at the high school level (grades 9-12). You can also add extra certification to teach grades 5-8.

When you finish the program, you will be certified to teach in the state of Missouri.

New certification requirements have significantly increased employment options for business education teachers in the United States. Starting salaries range from $30,000 to $56,000, depending on the geographic area.

Helping you on the job hunt

You won’t have to search for jobs on your own.

The Career Center, in cooperation with the College of Education and MSU, will take an active role in helping you secure a teaching position.

Inspiring academics

Knowledge based on experience — Missouri State's approach to learning sets you up for success with insight from expert faculty, personalized advising and a diverse range of courses.

Unbeatable value

A smart investment in your future — Missouri State delivers enriching opportunities along with affordable costs and extensive financial aid options.