Field Experiences

Preparing you for your teaching career

As a business education major, you’ll receive high-quality field placements at Greenwood Laboratory School or other local schools. These settings provide you with hours of hands-on learning.

Your student teaching and practicum will give you the confidence, knowledge and experience you need when you have a classroom of your own.

Student teaching

As part of the program requirements, you’ll do student teaching. Student teaching runs in two blocks of eight-to-nine weeks, equaling an entire semester.

You must apply for student teaching one full semester before you start.

A university supervisor and your cooperating teacher supervise you during your student teaching stint.

Starting in your freshman year, you will receive advisement and student teaching guidance through the College of Education Advisement Office.


You will also be required to complete a 30-hour practicum through your SEC 302 course and another 45-hour practicum in SEC 439.

Both placements will be at Greenwood Lab School on the Missouri State campus or a local junior high or high school.

During your practicum, you will be given the opportunity to work with middle school students in area schools, including Springfield Public Schools, Nixa, Ozark and Willard.

  • For SEC 302, you will observe and work with students one-on-one.
  • In SEC 439, you will work collaboratively with a cooperating teacher where you can directly apply what you are learning through your coursework to a classroom setting.

Want to know more?

For more information about student teaching and practicum, please contact us.