Program and Degree Requirements


SFR 750


MID 810

Philosophies of Education


Foundations of Middle Level Education

3 hrs

SFR 751


MID 725

Introduction to Teaching and Learning


Advanced Theory & Practice in Teaching Early Adolescents

3 hrs
SFR 781 Applied Educational Research 3 hrs

EDT 662


EDT 665

Educational Applications of Computers in the Classroom


Selection and Utilization of Educational Technology

3 hrs
PSY 710 Psychology of Education 3 hrs
SPE 715 Foundations in Special Education 3 hrs
RDG 710 Content Area Literacy 3 hrs
RDG 624 Analysis and Correction of Difficulties in Adolescent 3 hrs
SEC 783 Internship in Teaching I: Teaching Practicum 3 hrs
SEC 784 Internship in Teaching II: Student Teaching 9 hrs

Research and Comprehensive Examination requirements

Students will enroll in SFR 781 (Applied Educational Research), which will provide instruction on how to utilize and implement educational research to enhance their classroom practice.  This course will introduce students to action research and will culminate in a research project presented to the Program Coordinator and Content Area Coordinator during their student teaching semester.  This project will satisfy their comprehensive examination requirement. 

Graduation requirements

In addition to requirements established by the Graduate College, students must meet required GPA requirements established by Missouri's Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) for educators.  Those requirements are a cumulative 2.75 GPA across all degrees earned (based on transcript analysis) and a cumulative 3.00 GPA for content specific courses (dependent upon the content area exams).

Certification requirements

Students must pass the relative Missouri Content Assessment(s) (MoCAs) to be recommended for teacher certification. All MAT candidates are required to complete content area coursework in the subject they are pursuing for teacher certification, or pass the MoCA(s) for that area before being recommended for teacher certification. Content area requirements are determined by the Professional Education Certification office as part of the transcript analysis process.

Note: DESE has a new option for those who have a related degree to the area of certification which they are pursuing. If the student passes the Missouri Content Assessment(s) (MoCAs), they are no longer required to take any deficiencies in the content area. For those who do not have a related degree, the student must pass the MoCA(s) prior to their practicum semester.  If the MoCA(s) are passed, the student is no longer required to take any course deficiencies in the content area.