Careers and Outcomes

A music teacher speaks to her class.

Apply your expertise in the classroom

Thinking about becoming a certified teacher?

A Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) degree prepares you for the classroom and a better payday.

Become a great teacher

If you don’t have a background in education, but now want to teach, the MAT program is a great option.

All you need to qualify for the MAT program is a bachelor’s degree related to the area you want to teach. Turn your knowledge of science, languages, the fine arts and other areas into a teaching career.

Through the MAT program, you’ll achieve two career milestones:

  • Be certified to teach at the K-12 or 9-12 level in Missouri.
  • Earn a master’s degree, which increases your salary potential.

Enjoy a career where you teach a topic that you’re passionate about.

Solving Missouri’s teacher shortage

The state of Missouri needs more certified teachers. No school produces them like the Bears.

Job growth


Projected job growth for teaching positions in Missouri over the next decade.
Source: Teach Missouri
Teacher pipeline


MSU is the biggest – and best – school for future teachers in the state.
Join the next generation of educators

Shifting online to remove barriers

Best of all: You can complete your MAT course work 100% online.

The online format means you can:

  • Work full-time as you complete your MAT degree.
  • Or, start your career early with a provisional teaching certificate while you earn the MAT degree and regular teacher certification.

You can complete the MAT degree from anywhere in Missouri.

How the MAT helps teachers in training