How to Apply

Complete the online application to the Graduate College. 

    If you have been previously admitted to the Graduate College at Missouri State, complete the reactivate application. If you have forgotten your login information, please call Graduate Admissions at 417-836-5331.
  • If this is your first time applying to the Graduate College at Missouri State, apply through the GradCAS system. After you create your GradCAS login and password, choose "Master of Arts, Teaching" and begin your application. 
  • Submit the following documents to GradCAS: 
    • A letter of interest (personal statement) describing your career goals and why you feel you would be a good candidate for the MAT program. Please address the letter to Dr. Pamela Correll, Program Coordinator. 
    • A current resume including education and work history.
    • Three academic or professional references. In GradCAS, the student will list the names of three references and their email addresses. GradCAS will email the references and request that they complete a survey regarding their relationship with you. There will be a place where the reference must attach a recommendation letter.
    • All final official transcripts from colleges and universities attended, with the exception of Missouri State University and Missouri State University - West Plains.

Although the following are not application requirements, it is strongly advised to complete these steps as soon as possible. 

The Missouri Content Assessment(s) (MoCAs) are content area exams taken by all candidates who are pursuing a teaching certificate in Missouri. Passing the MoCA(s) is required for certification and demonstrates subject-matter competency in the content area. 

  • When the MoCA is passed, the student is no longer required to complete any remaining coursework deficiencies in the content area unless it is required by the department. The student who passes the MoCA(s) is now considered "alternative" as defined by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE).
  • As an alternative student, applications for teaching positions in the Secondary Education (9-12 or K-12) grade levels can be submitted to school(s). To meet certification requirements, the teaching position must be in the content area and grade level for which certification is being sought. Teaching while pursuing certification can be done by applying to DESE for a provisional certificate. This application can be submitted after a teaching job contract is signed.

FBI Fingerprinting Background Check 

  • Missouri State University requires a current MOVECHS FBI fingerprinting national background check by the completion of your first MAT course.
    • Register for the MOVECHS FBI fingerprinting background check here. Choose Option 1: MOVECHS FBI fingerprinting national background check. Then, follow the MOVECHS FBI fingerprinting registration instructions.
    • Please note: the MOVECHS waiver agreement must be completed prior to registration for MOVECHS FBI fingerprinting.
  •  At the time of certification, DESE requires a DESE FBI fingerprinting background check.