Secondary Education Advisement

  • Advisement for all students in Master of Science-Secondary Education (MSEd) and Bachelor of Science-Secondary Education (BSEd) programs is through the home department. Refer to the Secondary Education contact list below to find your program coordinator and advisor.
  • To register for the next semester, all students with fewer than 75 hours (or less than 3 total releases) must have an online release by an advisor. However, it is recommended that all students meet with an advisor each semester.
  • All Secondary Education programs require Admission to Teacher Education Requirements
Agriculture: 9-12 Program Coordinator/Advisor: Dr. Jim Hutter, Karls Hall 220,, 417-836-5096
Art & Design: K-12 Program Coordinator/Advisor: Fatih Benzer, Brick City 114,, 417-836-6084
Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, and Physics: 9-12 Program Coordinator: Dr. Melanie Carden-Jessen, Blunt Hall 367,, 417-836-3231
Advisor: Gigi Saunders, Kings St Annex 204,, 417-836-6469
Business Education: 9-12 Program Coordinator: Debra Price, Park Central Office Building 212,, 417-836-8995
Advisor: COE Advisement Center, Hill Hall 213,, 417-836-5429
English: 9-12 Program Coordinator/Advisor: Dr. Amy Knowles, Siceluff Hall 344,, 417-836-5107
Family and Consumer Sciences: K-12 Program Coordinator: Debra Price, Park Central Office Building 212,, 417-836-8995
Advisor: COE Advisement Center, Hill Hall 213,, 417-836-5429
History: 9-12 Program Coordinator: Dr. Travis Seay, Strong Hall 417,, 417-836-5511
Advisor: Sara Zandi Bajalan, Strong hall 410,, 417-836-5915
Kinesiology: K-12 Program Coordinator/Advisor: Kirsten Hatz, McDonald Arena 115,, 417-836-5248
Mathematics: 9-12 Program Coordinator/Advisor: Dr. Adam Harbaugh, Cheek Hall 70M,, 417-836-6909
Modern Language: K-12 Program Coordinator/Advisor: Dr. Tonia Tinsley, Siceluff 140,, 417-836-8435
Advisor: Jeff Loughary, Siceluff 138,, 417-836-6724
Music: K-12
Program Coordinator/Advisor: Dr. Daniel Hellman, Ellis Hall 306,, 417-836-6847
Dr. Andrew Homburg, Ellis Hall 304,, 417-836-6483
Dr. Vicky Scott, Ellis Hall 305,, 417-836-8980
Dr. Brad Snow, Wehr Band Hall 111,, 417-836-6724
Special Education: K-12 Program Coordinator: Kaleigh Pickett, Park Central Office Building 111A,, 417-836-5392
Advisor: COE Advisement Center, Hill Hall 213,, 417-836-5429
Speech/Theatre: 9-12
Program Coordinator: Dr. Carol Maples, Craig Hall 360,, 417-836-6389
Advisor: Dr. Jay Howard, Craig Hall 366,, 417-836-4423
Advisor: Dr. Eric Morris, Craig Hall 371,, 417-836-4983
Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL): K-12 Program Coordinator/Advisor: Dr. Suneeta Thomas, Siceluff Hall 203,, 417-836-4173

Make an appointment with your secondary education departmental advisor several months before the end of the current semester. The registration process begins well before a new semester begins.

Interim Director of Secondary Education - Dr. Andrew Homburg, Ellis Hall 304, Phone: 417-836-8916