Internship Academy

Preparing you for your teaching career

The Internship Academy, also known as IA, offers you a different option to the traditional practicum and student teaching semesters.

In the IA, you have a year-long, on-site experience with partner school districts.

Timeline and how to join

Work with your advisor to ensure you have the right course work plan.

Complete your internship during your final two semesters (senior year), as part of the teacher education program.

Your internship starts in the fall and continues into the spring. You follow the calendar at your school placement site.

Know the process

  1. If your advisor clears you for IA, you will receive an email with application information in December of your junior year.
  2. Participate in one-on-one and group interviews with schools in the spring semester.
  3. Begin your internship in the fall of your senior year. Finish your internship in the spring.

Internship Academy contacts

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Is the Internship Academy the right fit for you?

The IA is rigorous, and time and work intensive. As an intern, you spend more time in the classroom, preparing for lessons, reflecting and refining you craft.

Consider the IA if you:

  • Have good time management skills
  • Deal with stress well
  • Work well with others
  • Are available to be in the classroom 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday
  • Are eager to jump into teaching right away

The traditional route of fall practicum and spring student teaching also gives you excellent preparation. Both programs address the same course competencies and prepare you for certification.

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Placement and support

In the IA, you co-teach for an entire school year while paired with a master teacher. This allows you to actively apply learning, receive feedback and grow as a teacher.

Along with a master teacher, you also have the support of a teacher in residence, MSU faculty and a team of educators in the placement building.

Partner school districts

Southwest Missouri

  • Cassville
  • Logan-Rogersville
  • Nixa
  • Republic
  • Sparta
  • Springfield
  • Willard

St. Louis

  • Clayton
  • Webster Groves


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