Careers and Outcomes

An elementary teacher watching two students read their books in class.

Become a literacy leader

Early in your life, someone taught you how to read and write.

With a master’s degree in literacy, you can pass that knowledge to today’s youth.

What is literacy?

It’s a skill everyone needs: The ability to read, write and communicate.

You might take literacy for granted, but many students struggle with it. In Missouri, 15% of students are below the basic reading level for their grade.

As a certified reading specialist, your services can close this gap.

What can you do with a master’s degree in literacy?

Help K-12 students become fully literate, add to their knowledge base and open new doors for learning.

You’ll qualify for advanced positions in your school district like:

  • Director of reading programs
  • Literacy coach
  • Reading interventionist
  • Reading recovery teacher (requires additional training at district level)
  • Title I teacher

Enjoy a better salary as you give students the framework for reading and writing.

Job outlook: Strong

Reading specialists are in-demand in Missouri and across the United States.

Your specific salary can vary depending on where you live, work and your experience level.



Average median salary for reading specialists in 2021.
Job growth


Projected job growth this decade for reading specialists, faster than the national average.
Get certified

Certifying your expertise

Our literacy program puts you on track to special reading teacher certification in Missouri.

When you graduate, you’ll have met the course work requirements for this industry benchmark.