Admission Requirements

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Admission to the educational administration graduate program

Useful Forms

Program admission requirements

To be admitted into the program, a student must submit the following.

  1. To be considered for probationary admission to the program, a student must submit both a Graduate Application and the Educational Administration program application.
  2. Students must possess a bachelor’s degree and must meet the requirements for admission to graduate study at Missouri State University.

    Additional materials which must be submitted include:
    1. A written “Statement of Purpose” containing long-term goals of leadership (minimum of 300 words).
    2. A copy of appropriate teacher certificate or eligibility for certification by a state agency.
    3. Three references.
    4. An up-to-date professional resume
    5. A personal portfolio that may contain any of the following items to support application to the program: 
      • Teaching
        1. Show evidence of impacting student achievement in the classroom/building (using data to support impact)
        2. Provide documentation of recent evaluations
      • Leadership
        1. Continuous School/Building Improvement Plan or Model.  List and explain leadership roles served in within the last 3 years in the building/district (i.e., supervised student teachers, chaired committees, and/or mentored new teachers/leaders)
      • Professional Development Plan
        1. Show evidence that goals set forth in Professional Development Plan are being met.

Additional Admission requirements:

  1. Earn a 3.50 GPA in the first 12 hours of Educational Administration coursework.
  2. Schedule a personal interview with the Master's Degree Program Coordinator in Educational Administration.
  3. Access to the internet and an active email address.

Upon completion of the probationary entry material (statement of purpose, teacher certification, immediate supervisor questionnaire, impact on learning material, leadership in Continuous Improvement Plan, Professional Development Plan, a 3.50 GPA for 12 hours, personal interview, and resume) the Educational Administration faculty will review the application of the candidate for full admission into the program.

  1. Internship.  Prior to beginning an internship, all students must:
    1. have on file with the departmental office an internship application that has been completed and signed by the school administrator in the district where the internship is being conducted.
    2. have completed the Family Care and Safety Registry background check.
    3. have a TB skin test

      Information regarding the completion of the background check and skin test may be obtained from the office of COE Student Services (417-836-5253).
  2. Applicant’s for whom English is a second language are required to submit scores on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL).  Minimum scores of 550 on the paper-based or a comparable score of 213 on the computer-based TOEFL are required for admission.