Comprehensive Intervention Specialist

Comprehensive Intervention Specialist (CIS) Option


The Comprehensive Intervention Specialist (CIS) Graduate option is designed to provide candidates with in-depth knowledge and skills to effectively assess and implement research-based programs for individuals requiring specialized supports and differentiated instruction within multi-tiered systems of support. The CIS option will provide educators with expertise in conducting on-going progress-monitoring of the academic and behavioral skill performance of PreK-12 students, development, and planning of individualized multi-tiered systems of support using research-based practices appropriate for individual student needs, and implementation of multi-tiered systems of support on a schoolwide basis. The CIS option will also support professionals working in agency and clinical settings.

Required courses in addition to the core as follows.

Course Code

Course Title

Credit Hours

SPE 617

Direct Instruction in Reading and Language Arts

3 hrs

SPE 619

Methods I: Cognitive and Behavioral Teaching Approaches for Exceptional Learners

3 hrs

SPE 660

Working with Families of Exceptional Individuals

3 hrs

SPE 710

Problems in Special Education

3 hrs

SPE 779

Application of Technology in Special Education

3 hrs

SPE 784

Advanced Procedures in Teaching Students with Mild to Moderate Disabilities

3 hrs

SPE 787

Advanced Behavioral Analysis and Intervention

3 hrs



9 hrs


Total Hours

39 hours

Students who have not completed an equivalent foundation requirement will also need to take SPE 715, Foundations in Special Education, to meet prerequisite requirements of advanced coursework in the degree program.

Contact Dr. Vicki McNamara - Coordinator - Special Education Alternative Certification Track (SEACT), Comprehensive Intervention Specialist (CIS), for more information.