Special Education Resources

Instructional resources

The Council for Exceptional Children's blog, Reality 101 for New Teachers, is for new and experienced teachers who need ideas for their special education classrooms.  Top special educators will answer the questions you post.  If you have questions about the blog, contact the CEC’s Constituent Services Center.

Missouri State Curriculum Resource Center

The Curriculum Resource Center inside Meyer library  provides services and materials for students pursuing undergraduate or advanced degrees in the areas of early childhood, elementary, and middle school education; guidance and counseling; library science; reading; special education; and secondary education.

Blindness & Low Vision campus resources

Missouri State Access Technology Center, Meyer Library

The Access Technology Center has the following equipment for individuals who are visually impaired: JAWS, Zoomtext, Various Close Circuit TV (CCTV), OpenBook and Various Magnifiers.

Missouri State Computer Services Help Desk

The Computer Services Help Desk can help you with any technology questions you may have. 

Missouri State Disability Resource Center

Missouri State Disability Resource Center provides equal access and opportunity to all campus programs and services for persons with disabilities.

Missouri State Learning Diagnostic Clinic

The Learning Diagnostic Clinic provides services and support to students with Learning Disabilities or those otherwise qualified are able to access and participate in the extraordinary array of academics available at Missouri State University.

Missouri State Learning Meyer Library

The Meyer Library has an extensive list of indexes and databases as research resource.

Hill Hall Technology Centers

The technology laboratories located in Hill Hall represent the most recent innovations in instructional technology.

Catalog of Books, Manuals, and Equipment

catalog of books has been made available for students who are in the Blindness & Low Vision and Orientation & Mobility  Programs. Additionally a catalog of equipment is available, as well as a catalog of books. The manuals may be checked out from Dr. Paul Ajuwon.