Program Requirements

Student receiving their master's degree hood.

To successfully complete our program, you will need a minimum of 45 credit hours. You will also be required to complete two semester-long student affairs practicum (6 credits). The practicum experience allows you to personalize the program to meet your career goals and objectives such as enrollment management, student activities, judicial affairs and residence life.

Required courses

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
SAE 721 Introduction to Student Affairs 3 hrs
SAE 723 Student Development Theory 3 hrs
SAE 726 Higher Education in the United States 3 hrs
SAE 729 Foundations of Research  3 hrs
SAE 732 Leadership and Administration in Higher Education 3 hrs
SAE 735 Governance and Finance in Higher Education 3 hrs
SAE 738 Legal and Ethical Issues in Student Affairs 3 hrs
SAE 747
SAE 748*
Supervised Practice
Special Projects: Reflective Moments in Higher Education and Student Affairs
6 hrs
SAE 749 Student Outcomes 3 hrs
SAE 766 Research Methods and Data Analysis 3 hrs
SAE 767 Assessment and Evaluation 3 hrs
SAE 771 Capstone Seminar 3 hrs
SAE 727 Creating Inclusive Campus Environmnents 3 hrs
SAE 728 Individual & Group Support Skills 3 hrs
  Total 45 hrs

*Full time employees at Missouri State University or area institutions may substitute this class to meet their Supervised Practice requirement for their degree.

Degree requirements

  1. Satisfactory completion of a minimum of 45 approved graduate hours with a minimum overall GPA of 3.00.
  2. No more than 9 semester hours of 600-level course work may be applied to the degree program as approved by the program director.
  3. Qualification Exam and the E-Portfolio Project is the two part Comprehensive Examination for SAHE program.  Students will complete Qualification Exam/E-Portfolio in SAE 771, Capstone Seminar.  Students will begin the E-Portfolio during the first semester of the program.
  4. Research.  Successful completion of SAE 729, SAE 766 and SAE 767.
  5. Transfer Credit.  A maximum of 30% of the total hours may be accepted in as transfer credit toward a master’s degree.  All transfer credit must be “A” or “B” grade status from a regionally accredited college or university and must be approved by the program director.

Comprehensive portfolio requirements

Portfolio Guidelines (PDF)

This guide provides information for students about completing the portfolio and presentation of the portfolio as part of the requirements for graduation.

The video below is a look into the experiences of a Graduate Assistant and a Full-Time Employee. Please allow a few seconds for the video to begin once the "play" button is pushed.