MAT Handbooks

2015-16 MAT Handbook - for Summer 2015 Cohort

2014-15 MAT Handbook - for Summer 2014 Cohort

2013-14 MAT Handbook - for Summer 2013 Cohort

2012-13 MAT Handbook - for Summer 2012 Cohort

2011-12 MAT Handbook - for Summer 2011 Cohort

2010-11 MAT Handbook - for Summer 2010 Cohort

2009-10 MAT Handbook - for Summer 2009 Cohort


The purpose of this publication is to provide you an instant resource to answer questions regarding the Master of Arts in Teaching degree program. This is a unique program that varies from the traditional path many candidates experienced during undergraduate coursework, which might cause more questions than usual.

Many staff members are available to assist you during the degree program, including the MAT Academic Advisor and the Coordinator of the MAT program, your Graduate Advisor. Questions or requests for assistance regarding the degree program content should be sent to the Coordinator of the MAT program.  Questions regarding certification, including Provisional teaching certificates, should be directed to the MAT Academic Advisor.  Many of the courses in the MAT program are taught by Secondary, Foundations and Research (SFR) faculty in the Reading, Foundations and Technology department. Questions regarding specific course content should be directed to the instructor for that course. Your MAT Academic Advisor will assist you with all aspects of the MAT program. Do not hesitate to contact those listed above when you need assistance.

While this Resource Guide attempts to answer many of your questions regarding the MAT program, other resources are found on the Missouri State University website. Many useful links have been embedded in this document and additional resources are found in Appendix A.

Our hope is that you have a wonderful experience in the MAT program while you prepare for a meaningful career in education that will make a positive difference the lives of the secondary students you will teach.

Emmett Sawyer, Ed.D.
Director, Master of Arts in Teaching
College of Education