STEPS: Suggestions for Login Problems

If you are having trouble logging into STEPS, consider these possibilities:

  • Are you using your complete and correct email address for your STEPS Username?
    • Students, did you remember to include "" in your email address in the Username field? Are you using your Banner email address (not your private ID that allows you to log into computers on campus).
    • University Supervisors, use your complete MSU email address as your STEPS Username. If you are a contracted supervisor, use the complete email address provided to the Field Experience Office as your Username.
    • Cooperating Teachers, use your school/professional email address that you provided the MSU University Supervisor as your Username.
  • Does your password follow the proper protocol (8 characters which include at least one lower case letter, one CAPITAL LETTER, 1 number, and one special character such as !@#$%. An example of a valid password is: Tacosr#1
  • Remember, when you are required to change your MSU password, this does not affect your STEPS password. Write your STEPS password down for future reference. It will remain the same until YOU change it in STEPS.
  • Have you been notified that assessments/surveys are ready for you to complete in STEPS. Until your account is created by the MSU STEPS team, you will not have access to STEPS.

Before you reach your frustration point, please contact your MSU STEPS Coordinator.

STEPS Assistance

Travis Marler, MSU STEPS Coordinator
College of Education, Hill Hall