Graduate Assistantships

Students must have either a GA position or a full-time position in Student Affairs to be admitted into the SAHE program.  There is a strong possibility that candidates admitted into the program will be employed as a graduate assistant within the division of student affairs. Prospective students' applications will be reviewed on an ongoing basis. Earlier submission enhances an applicant's opportunities to obtain a graduate assistantship position. Assistantships lower educational costs, provide students additional work experience and allow students to pursue the program on a full-time basis. (Those individuals who are employed on campus will not be eligible for graduate assistantships.)  Acquiring a GA position will help you gain valuable functional area work experiences before you enter the full-time job market during your last semester. Graduate students with emerging practical experience gain additional experiences through SAE 747.

These assistantships provide tuition, fees, a monthly stipend and discounts at the bookstore. Residence hall staffs are paid a slightly higher rate, in addition to receiving housing and a meal plan. Your application to the program will allow you to list three preference areas where you wish to gain experience.

**Students should be aware that the application process for a graduate assistantship is separate from the application for program enrollment.  The SAHE program seeks to partner with you to obtain a GA position through our Graduate Recruitment Weekend (GRW) which is held every February.

Affiliated Positions

The following graduate assistantship positions are affiliated with the SAHE program. Hyperlinks indicate that the position is currently open. Click the links below for more detailed descriptions of each available position:

Guide to the Rights and Responsibilities of Applicants