Faculty and Staff

Our faculty is comprised of individuals with diverse professional backgrounds and extensive experiences in the field of human development. The common thread they share is their deep commitment to children and families and to the growth of communities.

The childhood education and family studies program is taught by faculty members who have a variety of professional experience working with children and families. They bring to the classroom not only their degrees, but also their professional insights, practical approaches and enthusiasm. They are recognized leaders in the field.

Our faculty gives students a solid understanding of human growth and development that will prepare Missouri State graduates for professional excellence.

Dr. Denise D. Cunningham

Early Childhood Education--Program Coordinator for Early Childhood Education and Early Childhood Special Education accelerated Master's program--Research: Early Literacy, Constructivist Teaching & Learning, Teacher Preparation

Mindi McCoy

Mindi McCoy

Academic Administrative Assistant II

Dr. Chloe Bolyard

Elementary Education--Areas of expertise: Elementary education, curriculum, cultural studies, educational Leadership, teacher narratives of experience--Research: Elementary teacher narratives, curriculum, culturally responsive teaching

Dr. Sabrina A. Brinson

Child & Family Development--Professional platforms and research focus on diversity, multiculturalism, and social justice; culturally responsive literature; and social, emotional, and moral development.

Dr. Joanna J. Cemore Brigden

Areas of expertise: Children's make-believe play, creativity, emotional intelligence, service-learning, and teacher perceptions

Dr. Tammi R. Davis

Elementary Education--Research Interests: Teacher Education, Lives of Teachers, Digital Storytelling, Literacy, Narrative and Self Study Methodology

Vickie L. Haynes

Elementary Education--Research and Professional Interests: Brain-based Learning, Cooperative Learning, Multiple Intelligences

Dr. Elizabeth K. King

Child and Family Development--Research & Professional Interests: Young children's social emotional development, teachers' emotion language in early childhood classrooms, teacher preparation and workplace support.

Robin L. Koerber

Early Childhood Education--Program Coordinator for the Early Childhood Internship Academy, Population Education Facilitator

Dr. Stefanie D. Livers

Areas of expertise: Mathematics education---teacher preparation, teacher support (professional development and coaching), and equitable teaching practices.

Cindy A. McMeley

Elementary Education--Professional interests: Cooperative learning and differentiated instruction

Dr. James A. Meyer

Child & Family Development--Research and service interests: Building stronger families through the development, implementation and evaluation of family life education programs

Dr. Sascha C. Mowrey

Early Childhood Education--Professional culture in schools; social networks in early childhood education; roles of lead teachers and teaching assistants in early childhood education; P-3 perspectives on early childhood education

Dr. Diana L. Piccolo

Elementary Education--ELE Education Coordinator & ELE Mathematics Specialist Graduate Program Coordinator--Research: Mathematics Educational Development for pre-service and in-service teacher (K-12); building and connecting mathematical concepts.

Debra A. Price

Family and Consumer Sciences--Recent presentation on using Breakouts as an Instructional Strategy

Kim J. Roam

Child and Family Development--Professional interest: Academic advisor for the MSU OAEYC student group

Dr. Jennifer Rojas-McWhinney

Child & Family Development--Research: Focus on relationship dynamics within families, the negotiation of parenting beliefs, family engagement, highlighting the experiences of Hispanic/Latino parents and multi-ethnic families.

Michelle A. Satterfield

Elementary Education--ELE Gifted Certification Program Coordinator, ELE Communication Arts Instructor, Early Childhood Student Teacher Supervisor--Research: Gifted Education Educator Preparation & Identification in Under Represented Groups

Melissa J. Schotthofer

Child & Family Development (Child Life Option)--Research: Utilization of Transformative Learning Theory by First-Year College Students--Currently pursuing a PhD in Psychology with and emphasis in cognition & instruction in higher education.

Dr. Joan E. Test

Areas of expertise: Infant development, cross-cultural studies of development, young children's development in child care settings, social and communicative development

Sara Tipton

Elemantary Education--Clinical Instructor at the Internship Academy

Dr. Brittany M. Wittenberg

Child & Family Development--Research interests: Stress, coping, and psycho-social interventions interventions for children and families in the healthcare environment.

Dr. Gina M. Wood

Elementary Education--Graduate Program Director for Conservation Education Certificate Program--Research & Presentation at the Interface Conference for Missouri Educators with focus on using nature to teach all content areas in ELE grades

Dr. Roberta J. Aram

Faculty Emeritus--Areas of expertise: Science and literacy, and program review.

Dr. David W. Brown

Faculty Emeritus--Areas of expertise: Elementary education, clinical supervision, school law, history of education, school administration, classroom management.

Dr. Suzanne M. George

Faculty Emeritus--Areas of expertise and research interests: Adult learning styles, working with young children with special needs and accreditation issues

Dr. Cynthia K. Hail

Faculty Emeritus--Areas of expertise and research interests: Children's writing (process, skills, motivation), literacy and comprehension strategies, and economic education supported by children's literature

Dr. Mary Beth E. Mann

Faculty Emeritus--Areas of expertise: Maternal guilt, home visitation, parenthood education for adolescent parents, emotional development and child care

Myrna L. Walker

Faculty Emeritus

Joretta L. Wilcox

Faculty Emeritus