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Elementary Education

Dr. A. M. Baker

Elementary Education--Areas of Expertise: Supervision, community and school integration, leadership, Fatherhood and schools--Research Interests: School, home, and community development; supervision; non-traditional teachers.

Dr. Amanda Benedict-Chambers

Elementary Education--Graduate Director of MS Ed ELE program and Curriculum & Instruction graduate certificate. Research interests: Practice-Based Teacher Education, Science Teacher Education, Teacher Noticing, Culturally Sustaining Pedagogies.

Dr. Rhonda L. Bishop

Elementary Education--Areas of Expertise: Elementary education, curriculum, family engagement, educational leadership, teacher preparation--Research interests: Building relationships, student engagement, cultural diversity, women in leadership.

Dr. Chloe Bolyard

Elementary Education--Areas of Expertise: Elementary education, curriculum, cultural studies, educational leadership, teacher narratives of experience--Research: Elementary teacher narratives, curriculum, culturally responsive teaching.

Dr. Tammi R. Davis

Elementary Education--Research interests: Teacher Education, Lives of Teachers, Digital Storytelling, Literacy, Narrative and Self Study Methodology.

Dr. Amber K. Howard

Elementary Education--Research Interests: virtual learning, student engagement, educational leadership and policy analysis, culturally responsive teaching, teacher education.

Dr. Stefanie D. Livers

Elementary Education--ELE Program Coordinator--Research Interests: Mathematics education--teacher preparation, teacher support (professional development and coaching), and equitable teaching practices.

Dr. Diana L. Piccolo

Elementary Education--Assistant Department Head, ELE Outreach, Student Teaching & EMS Grad Program Coordinator--Research: Mathematics education, STEM and computer science development for preservice and classroom teachers

Sara Tipton

Sara Tipton

Clinical Instructor
Director of Internship Academy

Elementary Education--Internship Academy Coordinator

Dr. Gina M. Wood

Elementary Education--Research Interests: Using nature to teach all content areas.

Dr. Jennice M. Wright

Elementary Education--Research Interests: Teaching for civic engagement and global understanding, culturally sustaining pedagogies, social studies education in public diplomacy and countering violent extremisim.

Dr. Roberta J. Aram

Faculty Emeritus--Elementary Education

Dr. David W. Brown

Faculty Emeritus--Elementary Education

Dr. Cynthia K. Hail

Faculty Emeritus--Elementary Education

Dr. John M. Hail

Faculty Emeritus--Elementary Education

Mary Lou L. Toth

Faculty Emeritus--Elementary Education

Myrna L. Walker

Faculty Emeritus--Elementary Education

Joretta L. Wilcox

Faculty Emeritus--Elementary Education

Child and Family Development

Dr. Sabrina A. Brinson

Child & Family Development--Research Interests: Focus on diversity, multiculturalism, and social justice; culturally responsive literature; and social, emotional, and moral development.

Dr. Joanna J. Cemore Brigden

Early Childhood Education--Research Interests: Children's make-believe play, creativity, emotional intelligence, service-learning, and teacher perceptions.

Dr. Hailey Hyunjin Choi

Child & Family Development--Research interests: parents and teachers’ mentalization (mindfulness, mind-mindedness, and reflective functioning), children’s social emotional dev., temperament (goodness-of-fit), cultural influences, and research methods

Dr. Elizabeth K. King

Child & Family Development--Research interests: Young children's social emotional development, teachers' emotion language in early childhood classrooms, teacher preparation, anti-bias curriculum, and workplace support.

Dr. M. H. Raza

Child & Family Development--Research Interests: Work-family balance of U.S. working mothers, cross-cultural studies, theory development, participatory action research, and social justice.

Kim J. Roam

Child & Family Development--Faculty Advisor for the Advocating for Families & Children student group.

Dr. Mary Beth Mann

Faculty Emeritus--Child & Family Development

Dr. James A. Meyer

Faculty Emeritus--Child & Family Development

Dr. Joan E. Test

Faculty Emeritus--Child & Family Development

Early Childhood Education

Dr. Sarah Jean Baker

Early Childhood Education--ECE Program Coordinator--Research Interests: Women's issues in schools-specifically the intersection of mothering, leading, and teaching; early childhood teacher preparation and development.

Dr. Joanna J. Cemore Brigden

Early Childhood Education--Research Interests: Children's make-believe play, creativity, emotional intelligence, service-learning, and teacher perceptions.

Dr. Denise D. Cunningham

Early Childhood Education--Program Coordinator for Early Childhood Special Education accelerated Master's program--Research Interests: early literacy, constructive teaching & learning, teacher preparation.

Robin L. Koerber

Robin L. Koerber

Clinical Instructor
Coordinator of Internship Academy

Early Childhood Education--Program Coordinator for the Early Childhood Internship Academy--Area of Expertise: Population Education Facilitator.

Dr. Suzanne M. George

Faculty Emeritus--Early Childhood Education