Gifts From The Community

Gifts from the Community for the Community

One hundred years ago a schoolhouse might have served as church and/or a community center in addition to its primary purpose as a place of education. Whether vernacular or architect-designed, the schoolhouse represented the community. This replica is a symbol of those schoolhouses and of their role in the community, as well as a symbol of community today.

From the initial concept to the bell tower, this replica symbolizes the university's community today. A task force of persons from across the university and the community worked with Dr. David Hough, Dean of the College of Education, to develop a plan for honoring those who studied and taught in the one room schoolhouses. Once approved, the implementation of the plan involved the university staff, students and faculty and members of the community.

Gifts from people and companies in southeast Missouri went into the construction, literally from the bottom to the top, from the excavation for the foundation to the bell tower. Excavation for the foundation was provided through a gift from Wayne and Kathy Morelock. A gift from Meeks, the Builders Choice, helped purchase building materials. The hardwood flooring was a gift from Missouri Hardwoods Products in Brighton, Missouri. The Pedigo family provided the bell that hangs in the tower.

The furnishings and materials displayed in the schoolhouse are gifts from alumni and friends of the university. If you have an item to contribute or wish to contribute to the schoolhouse scholarship established in conjunction with this project, Please contact:

College of Education-Dean's Office

901 S. National Ave, Hill 304
Springfield, MO 65897
Phone: 417-836-5254
Fax: 417-836-4884